To bear witness to a moment frozen in time. To touch, taste and feel the spirit of a bygone era. To marry exotic adventure with luxurious comfort. To gaze, up close and personal, upon some of the continent’s most mesmerizing and humbling spectacles. To see life as we know it from another perspective. To experience a deep change within the self. To do things differently from the rest. To take no shortcuts in the pursuit of authenticity. To make people feel. To delight.

These are the reasons for what we do at Lotus Cruises. Our raison d’etre is to provide you with a monumental moment, an unforgettable experience.

To step aboard The Mekong Navigator is to step into a Mecca of unbridled luxury and romance. Inspired by once omnipresent French Colonial stylings, you’ll feel the spirit of a fading heritage in Southeast Asia. The 34 suite cruiser features modern day function as much as authentic style and luxury, equipped with with a fitness centre and spa, library and internet lounge, a spacious and convivial dining room and separate lounge, comfortable and relaxing sun deck as well as an array of different suites to suit your needs – all attended upon by the famously attentive and friendly local service staff.
At Lotus Cruises, our aim is to serve your needs, to please and to wow.

The Mekong Navigator is the Mekong River's original and best 5 star luxury Mekong River Cruise Ship.
The Mekong Navigator is the Mekong River’s original and best 5 star luxury Mekong River cruise ship.
Cambodia and Vietnam luxury cruises on the Mekong River with Lotus Cruises.
We pride ourselves on comfort at every stage on board.

About Lotus Cruises

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Lotus Cruises is a leader in providing a new and authentic approach to luxury expedition cruising in Southeast Asia. The company was created with a view to showing off our favourite things about Vietnam and Cambodia, all to be experienced while cruising up or down the wild and stunning Mekong River. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch and rest assured, a member of our friendly and practical staff will return with a reply in no time at all. We look forward to meeting you aboard one of the most impressive cruisers in the region, one which can rival most luxury hotels!

Lotus Cruises Mekong River staff will make your cruise a dream.
Our friendly team will do anything to give you the best possible experience.