River cruises undeniably provide couples with a more intimate experience – less leisure time with big groups and more personal time exploring the destinations together on a private tour. Therefore, when looking for a different way to travel that can be both relaxing and adventurous, couples tend to opt for river cruises.

This blog post features some of the best all-inclusive river cruise lines for couples worldwide. There is invariably a perfect option for everyone, whether you are looking for the best river cruise line for 50-year-old couples or young ones.

Best All-Inclusive River Cruises for Couples from All Around the World

We’ve collected a list of river cruise companies that depart from many breathtaking locations across the globe. You and your significant other will see the epitome of Americana culture, romantic Europe, the legendary Nile River, and the exotic Mekong Delta on these river cruises.

  • American Queen Voyages: Best river cruise in the Mississippi River (North America)

The Mississippi Delta is a witness to history in North America, including the American Civil War. The river also formed various cultural treasures, such as the beautiful New Orleans jazz and the soulful Southern cuisine.

The American Queen vessel from American Queen Voyages

American Queen Voyages offers the best 7-day cruise for couples passionate about discovering the continent of North America. Besides private tours around the Mississippi Delta, the river cruise line also provides cultural explorations for you and your partner along the nearby rivers, such as the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers.

  • Anakonda Amazon Cruises – Best river cruise in the Amazon River (South America)

The Amazon River, the world’s second-longest river, makes an undeniable contribution to the growth of our “green lung,” the Amazon Rainforest. When visiting the Amazon River, travelers can learn about the area’s spectacular wildlife and enormous biodiversity.

The M/V Anakonda from Anakonda Amazon Cruises

Anakonda Amazon Cruises is the best river cruise line for couples in their 30s seeking to explore the unique environment of Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. The cruise line offers thrill-seeking couples an unparalleled venture of the land.

  • Uniworld river cruises – Best river cruise in Europe

Sailing by river combines the conveniences of a traditional cruise with the advantages of inland travel. You’ll stop in multiple locations on each trip, visiting bustling cities and hidden gem villages while only unpacking once.

Uniworld river cruises – Best river cruise in Europe

Even while on board, you’ll be immersed in local sights, with constantly changing views right outside your window. River cruising is without a doubt the best way to cruise, and Uniworld offers the best and most luxurious river cruises.

  • Sonesta – Best river cruise along the Nile River (Africa)

The world’s largest river, the Nile, has supported human civilization since the Stone Age. Nowadays, when visiting the Nile, you can immerse yourself in the history of the Egyptian deities and landmarks like temples, tombs, and ruins from Ancient Egypt.

The Sonesta Star Goddess Cruise by Sonesta

Sonesta’s Star Goddess is an all-suite river cruise ship with extravagant and luxurious amenities designed to provide couples with one of the most satisfactory voyages along the Nile.

  • Lotus Cruises – Best river cruise in the Mekong Delta (South East Asia)

The Mekong Delta is perceived as less famous than other areas in the region. However, once you and your companion have entered the tropical land, it is one of the most iconic destinations to explore. There are beautiful countries around the Mekong River with fascinating cultures and scenery. It’s an outstanding location for couples who want to try new cuisines and local specialties while also experiencing extraordinary surroundings.

Lotus Cruises is happy to accompany you and your other half on this journey along the Mekong. We are one of the region’s best all-inclusive river cruise lines for couples. Come with us to explore the diverse aspects of this stunning landscape and distinctive culture.

Lotus Cruises’ Mekong Navigator – the best river ship for couples to explore the Mekong Delta

On board one of our boutique river ships, you and your partner are guaranteed to have an unforgettable travel experience. We deliver modern comforts and world-class hospitality that rival even the most 5-star hotels in the area. We also provide private guided excursions for couples looking to learn more about the destinations’ history, cultures, and traditions.

Another excellent feature that distinguishes Lotus Cruises from other names is that we have packages for couples of all ages who wish to travel along the Mekong River. We also offer complimentary spa treatments and beverages when you book with our Early Bird Discount. There is something for everyone!


These are some of the top all-inclusive cruise lines for couples, each having its own distinct capabilities in providing the best scenic and relaxing experiences to its guests.

With South East Asia being the hot spot among travelers worldwide, river cruises in the region have increased in popularity. Don’t skip the Mekong Delta during your next South East Asian journey. Let Lotus Cruises accompany you and your partner on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Our tailor-designed excursions, luxurious amenities, and exceptional hospitality will make your experience memorable. The region’s vast culture, diverse cuisines, and pristine nature will enchant you.

We always have offers for couples of all ages. Click here to view our brochure or here to view upcoming tour dates.